Lacquer is the ULTIMATE in gloss, smoothness, durability of colored finishes, and "like new" results! Our highly experienced (30+ years!) lacquer team uses the finest products, tools, and an unmatchable attention to detail!  You will be amazed at the results when you choose lacquer for a CEH piece or yours. It is truly show-stopping - use it for a big effect! Each piece is meticulously stripped of all old finishes, deep sanded, lacquered with the highest quality of lacquer, and polished to shine (though we offer satin as well!).  Choose from signature CEH colors, or let us match any brand of paint for the PERFECT match!

In addition, with all lacquer or stain services we also repair any minor issues and increase drawer functioning.  

Please email us for more information on the different finishes - and for a quote to lacquer already-owned pieces as well.