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  At the THE CEH, we believe that the best design is collected over time, combines more than one style, and brings out the best in your unique space.  It may be an antique commode from England circa the 1800's, a vintage bamboo-style dresser refinished in a bright lacquered hue, a new CEH Label piece (case goods and upholstery) tailored to your specifications, or a totally original ("be-spoke") creation!

 Our CEH Label line, and bespoke pieces are tailored to your exact specifications and hand-crafted in house at the CEH workshop here in Dallas.  Shop our curated vintage "collection" online  (from traditional to modern!) to see what we have in stock now, and ready to be customized! If you don't see just the perfect piece,  email us to have it sourced.  




The best design is collected over time, fits your lifestyle, taste, and unique space.



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